Date range search fields in Django: Take your rant to your blog, mister!

This is something I figured out but it was horribly difficult and took me a week and 10 cups of coffee to figure out.  I posted a soluion on StackExchange. Because I noted the #cups of coffee I got two immediate downvotes and angry messages from some gurus who spend all their time on StackExchange:

This is not the right place to post your rants. Please consider posting this in your blog or somewhere.


This really isn’t the place for a rant disguised as a question. If you want to request this specific feature, you can open a ticket. If you just want to put this out there for future reference, you can ask a question on how to do it, and add your own answer. Either way, please use a more constructive tone.

I edited out the snark and now their comments look overheated, because the post is now entirely dry and technical.  I hope they leave their castigations up so I can have some exciting controversy at the bottom of the post, which is as stimulating without the color as a description of how to install a replacement toilet handle.

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