Correct reproduction of BDM

Someone attempted to reproduce BDM, had problems and posted on CodeReview StackExchange asking for insight.  The dummies there criticized the white space and variable names in his code.  I found someone’s blog post with a correct answer and posted it.  Sanctimonious and clueless lifers on the site deleted the information.  The rules of StackExchange pretty much guarantee that narrow-minded lifers, similar to Wikipedia edit patrollers, will defend StackExchange against any useful content.  Oh well.  Here’s my answer:

OP is trying to write a Python program to reproduce a claimed calculation result of Bueno De Mesquita (BDM). There is another attempt to reproduce this calculation, in Python, by David Masad, “Replicating a replication of BDM“. Masad provided Python code, and also showed an approximately 20% divergence in the median score, starting from the same example and same inputs and same references. Jeremy McKibben-Sanders then replicated the model, with results matching BDM. Masad added a new post to discuss the coding issues which led him awry. Reading those posts and their code and comparing with above code will lead to correct diagnosis for above code.


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