Winter binge watch: Interstellar


Fishing around for sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime, I watched Interstellar, it turns out for the second time.  I fell asleep 2/3rds of the way through.

This is a preachy, stagey melodrama which plays out some pretentious scientific side-effects of wormhole travel and ends with a whopper about a tesseract.


Things by and large end badly until they get more or less magically sorted out.  Anne Hathaway looks like someone you sort of wanted to date in high school who was in the National Honor Society and ended up going to Brown or Wellesley, but she was too stuck up to ask out.


Her portrayal of a Serious Scientist carries with it echos of Dr. Christmas Jones.


I don’t mean to sound so angry about this film, but I just didn’t buy it, and I kept (re-) watching it hoping that something good would happen, and I just found myself being progressively more and more disappointed.  In particular, the whole plot was a MacGuffin for a sort of beer/car commercial about the pleasures of Midwestern farm life.  The whole thing was literally and figuratively corny from begin to end.


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