Kumijo in Aikido and Jodo

Both Jodo and Aikido have two-person jo kata, called kumijo in Aikido.

For jodo, I found this clip from Jean-Pierre Reniez, acting as uke for Matsumara Sensei:

This is is called the Shinto Muso Ryu school of Jodo:

They don’t kiai so much as kind of emit a low controlled angry scream/yell of several seconds, like a challenged, angry tomcat backed into a corner.  This is a little different from the kiai I’m used to in Aikido, which is briefer and louder.

Here is another one from Kenji Matsui explaining jodo moves “as fixed by the All Japan Kendo Federation in 2003″:

There is a comment in the 2nd Youtube above that “Matsumura and Matsui was both taught from Shimizu and Otofuji sensei”.

From Jodo and bayonet training, we get Aiki-Jo.  O Sensei studied Jo and also learned bayonet techniques (jukendo) studied during the war.  The consensus seems to be that the Aiki Jo techniques are actually designed to fit a WW1 era rifle with a bayonet


and that the Shinden Muso Ryu jodo grip and stance is quite different and would not fit a rifle with a bayonet; and that Saito Sensei was the one to write down and codify Aiki Jo as we know it now, leaving aside variants by Chiba and Nishio Sensei.  Here is a clip of O Sensei defending against wooden rifles::

Here are Saito Kumijo clips showing Kumijo 1 through 10:

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