Winter binge watching: Hunted


This was a pretty good if somewhat repetitive spy yarn.  Kind of in the Wile E. Coyote genre.


Beautiful blonde spy gets shot up,


heals, kicks ass, gets poisoned,


heals, kicks ass. The bad guys are really bad.  Eventually it ends.  Pleasantly shot and decently paced the whole way.  One or two R-rated scenes per episode to add salt and pepper.


Perfectly mindless entertainment for a middle aged guy.  I was sorry to see it go. Actually a lot like Dollhouse along all of those dimensions, though not superficially similar.

It had some renewal potential but eventually died on the vine after Season 1 ended. The New York Times whinged that Melissa George, the lead actress, was a grade B- version of Claire Danes in Homeland.  I don’t get the connection.  Melissa George was a Playboy magazine cover girl in the late 90’s.


Claire Danes is good at making cry-face.


Melissa George does almost zero cry-face in any of the 8 episodes of this show.  Her whole act is the opposite of cry-face.  In control always, even when she’s not.   So more of a female version of Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond.


I say Craig and not Connery because Connery had some emotion and humor, even when he’s drinking out of a kerosene lantern chimney


and these are not features of Craig’s or George’s performances.  But they are still both watchable.  You just have to be in the mood for in-control stony-face.  The bad guys in the show are all really really bad.  Trump Cabinet bad.


I’d say almost too bad except they look like humanitarians when compared to watching livestreaming confirmation hearings of Tom Price


or Steve Mnuchin.


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