Winter robot drama first impressions: HUM∀NS *spoilers maybe*


I’m just trying to re-start watching this series.  It is a much more naturalistic and disturbing version of WestWorld.  Also beautifully photographed, well-acted, and maybe a little bit dull.  It starts on a slave rebellion plot right away.  The human reactions to humanoid robots in the home is legitimately cringey and creepy when they are obviously sentient.  I found the rebellion plot a bit trite, especially in our face right away.  There’s no subtlety in that.  I found the extremely well-portrayed discomfort of wives and husbands seeing themselves being effectively replaced by machines to be, well, extremely discomforting.  So much so that it pushed the boundaries of what I will watch for entertainment and relaxation.   I am too old to be edified.  So I didn’t finish the episode first time around.  However, I have been calloused by bingeing WestWorld, DollHouse, and other similar shows with intersecting themes like Firefly, Lucy and Her.  So I think I have the strength to continue with this show, though I’m not convinced it will be entertaining enough want to.  It’s kind of an overly naturalistic, realistic and disturbing highbrow BBC treatment of a topic that we are now confronted with every day when we check out our groceries ourselves at a machine, get cash from an automated teller, and receive driving directions from a GPS.


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