Winter K-Drama initial thoughts: Cheese in the trap *spoilers*


I have been sort of liking Cheese in the trap except that it has received

which are influencing my thinking.  The reviews are consistent in saying that

  1. The “webtoon” (can’t get used to that term) was canonical and superior
  2. In the webtoon, Male Lead was a true sociopath, but this is softened in the TV series….to the detriment of the character
  3. The TV series has some kind of tonal shift after Episode 10, goes off the rails, and gives way too much time to Second Male Lead
  4. Male Lead and Female Lead don’t get together in the end, big bummer for this type of series

These faults are attributed to a rushed and incompetent showrunner on the TV adaptation side, and just general creative chaos.

So I’m not sure I’m going to tough it out.  After having watched 20 or 30 Korean Dramas, I am starting to get just a little picky, and push back now when I think bad results come from commercial laziness or incompetence rather than true risk-taking.  I will watch any crappy series to the end if I think the showrunners were sincerely doing their best and trying to take risks.  I don’t want to put that time in if they are just having a bad day.

On the small plus side, the production values are good: Photography is clean, sets are nice, actors are good, the thing plays well.  It’s just that it may be playing into a wall.

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