Winter binge watching: Lucy


I’m kind of embarassed to say I watched this movie by Luc Besson.  I loved his other movies La Femme Nikita and Fifth Element.  This was comic book garbage.  Atlantic Monthly unpacks it.  I thought it would fit somehow in the Dollhouse canon, based on a one line description.  It does not.  Here’s my one-liner: “Party girl gets mixed up with Taiwanese gangsters who inexplicably spout Korean, downs 4 kilos of Walter White’s best Blue crystal meth, and turns into the infinite-dimensional space creature from 2001: A Space Odyssey, after driving a car really fast into oncoming traffic, making some guys float, reading people’s minds, and pecking a French cop once lightly on the lips, just to see how it feels.”

It was actually quite watchable, in the commercial sense of being somewhat light hearted and engaging, and pretty much always focussing on Scarlett Johansson in various smashing outfits.  Her acting is kind of narrow-band and borderline high school play.  You’re not really paying to listen to her monotone voice though, or to care when she fakes being nervous and traumatized.  You pay to see her kick ass in high heels and make bad guys float on the ceiling.  That’s what you get, so it’s all good.

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