Winter binge watching: Dollhouse


OK, so I finished Dollhouse, in the Joss Whedon canon.

I feel a little dirty.   But it has some depths, which others can explain better.

It was very light commercial entertainment with some sincere effort to explore Big Themes.

It overstayed it’s welcome a little bit, and was a little jumbled in tone, but almost worth the effort of sticking it out for the whole 20 hours or so of television.

Note that’s saying something, because if you asked me to watch any 4-hour-long movie, I’d balk, but ask me to take 20 hours in little spoonfuls, and if the showrunning is halfway decent, I’m there.

So I guess you could so I’m more of a TV guy than a movie guy, and more of a movie guy than a theater guy, and more of a theater guy than a ballet guy, and more of a ballet guy than a poetry guy.

That’s all folks.

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