WestWorld, Humans, DollHouse

I am watching HBO’s WestWorld.  Reference has been made to DollHouse.  Also, in the comments, Cherry 2000.  Humans is another take on the same issue as WestWorld: What about people who want to have sex with washing machines and toasters?

I will expand this post when I have a take on the matter.  I am about 4 episodes into WestWorld.  I find it mildly entertaining, not that sexy, a bit too violent, and not that deep.  It’s Hollywood philosophical about what it means to be human.  To me, a toaster is a toaster.  If it has an off switch, it’s a simulation.  We’ve got something that simulations don’t.  Some people disagree.  For now, it’s a nice mystery.


2 thoughts on “WestWorld, Humans, DollHouse

  1. The Doll House had a really good start, but then the writers ran out of gas. The first Season of Supergirl was on CBS and the it beat anything on the CW because of the writing. Now Supergirl is on the CW and It’s turning into a bloody soap opera. Jon Jonzz, the last green martian, that the white martians didn’t kill walks into a bar and finds a female white martian. Apparently, he is not the last martian. Being a shape shifter from Mars and head of the DEA was enough. The boys and girls in the writing department are above their pay grade.

    From the toaster sex angle this is your reference:

    You get a love story, some 80’s hipster shit and Tim Thomerson as the yuppie bad guy.


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