My take on why Hillary didn’t win

1. The Debbie Wasserman Schultz/DNC intervention on behalf of Hillary made it look very unfair to Bernie. They should have dumped Debbie hard and put Bernie on the ticket, even if the choice looked “risky”.  The unfairness completely delegitimized any rah-rah-rah about First Women President and Carry On The Obama Legacy and so forth.

2. By putting another DNC hack (Tim Kaine, a nice guy, but still an insider hack) instead of Bernie, they lost their margin in all the swing states, because in all cases 3rd party vote was greater than what Donald won by.

3. No yard signs were offered to supporters. I saw Trump signs everywhere in NC but hardly ever a Hillary sign, and I asked local party organizer for one. They were dunning people to get on phone banks and knock door to door, but that’s not my thing. I offered to hand out yard signs and post one on my lawn, but no takers from the campaign.

4. Glass ceiling between supporters and candidate’s machine, which is alienating.  You can have ideas and something to contribute besides whatever they have programmed to do (phone banks, stand on street, canvass), and they will not listen to you and you’ll have no idea who’s really planning things. And most likely the planners are party lifers and professionals. It’s just alienating.

5. In the end, despite Michael Moore’s canonization of her, this is a woman who:

  • Refused to divulge the contents of Wall St pay-for-play speeches
  • Made stupid gaffes like the “basket of deplorables” remark
  • Started a foundation with her husband which appeared to be a center of influence peddling
  • Made themselves rich rather quickly through what I can only assume is disguised lobbying
  • Took her husband’s name against her own will, then became a model stay-at-home Mom against her own will, to further her husband’s career, after attending 2 Ivy Leagues, and then stuck with a marriage which was obviously busted, all of which made her fake
  • Is Chelsea really that other guy’s kid?  Just asking.  Resemblance is striking
  • The emails.  Not because classified. That is a huge red herring.  Because the intent of the setup was clearly to avoid the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.  To me that is a far more serious and damaging, and highly intentional, act, than leaving some classified emails on a PC in Chappaqua.

So would she have made a good President?  Maybe so.  Did she win the popular vote?  Yes she did.  Would all the farmers in America still have been pissed off?  Likely so.  Will they be happier under Donald?  Who knows.  Will we be?  Yes, if we have jobs with health insurance and are not poor and are US citizens.  Otherwise, good luck.  Will we ever get used to the phrase “President Trump” after watching The Apprentice and reading about all of his Atlantic City bankruptcies and the idea that taxes and bills do not apply to him?  Not I.

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