Fall binge watching: Prime Minister and I


I’ve started up on Prime Minister and I.  In the photo above, Male Second Lead, Female Lead, Male Lead, Female Second Lead, and Male Lead’s Brother-in-Law.  Some initial notes:

  • In a variation on convention, the brain tumor goes to a supporting character, Father of Female Lead. The Brain Tumor imposes a 6 Month Time Limit, a dramatic clock that is the main engine driving the plot forward.
  • There is a Dead Spouse, of the Male Lead, driving his plot and that of supporting angry relatives.
  • There are 3 Adorable Kids, or at least 1 Adorable and 2 Rotten, of the Male Lead.
  • There is a quadrangle of sorts, where Male Second Lead and Female Second Lead are played by assistants of the Prime Minister.
  • Rotten Mother-in-Law type character is played by the Male Lead’s Brother-in-Law’s wife.
  • Male Lead’s Brother-in-Law seems to have a thing for Male Lead’s Secretary.
  • Male Lead’s Secretary is a bit of a cold fish but has been pining for her boss since she was 15. This makes her a legitimate part of the quadrangle.  Male Lead’s Male Assistant has the hots for Female Lead, who is 10 or 15 years younger than Male Lead and the same age as Male Lead’s Secretary.
  • Male Lead’s Secretary is a dead ringer for Heather Locklear.  You be the judge:

Update (*spoiler*)

I finished it, all 17 hours.  Dragged towards the end.  I concur with the dramabeans recap. The romance between male and female lead is capped by a 1-year interruption, for the female lead to become an author and write a children’s book.  Come to think of it, so was the previous K-drama I reviewed.  In both K-dramas, there was barely any “skinship” chemistry between male and female lead, to the extent that one wondered what teams the two leads were playing for.  Seriously.  Zero skinship, zero chemistry, but a lot of solicitous companionship, followed by See You Next Year.  I didn’t buy it.  In the end it all seemed rather aimless, and it seemed like the writers of the show simply ran out of ideas and weren’t that thrilled with the characters they’d created.  It seemed like a formal and dull exercise.  The dog ate it.  A lot of weird plot ideas were hashed out and shoved into the final cut.  But they didn’t add up to much, the plot was going in 4 different directions and no particular direction.

I guess it’s just my fault for watching this kind of junk.  It is somewhat relaxing and it was somewhat engaging at the beginning, but in the end, I felt like I was presented with a picture of a delicious hamburger, and then I got just a slightly stale hamburger.  And so on to the next.


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