Summer binge watching: London Spy


This is a 5-part miniseries with two or three topics and some ludicrous plot twists.

Topic one: It’s a long meditation on gay romance and gay living.  So, five hours of gay.  A lot more gay than, say, Queer As Folk, which is pretty gay.  Really really gay.  The main gay character is played by an actor who is Gay In Real Life.  The older male supporting gay character is played by an actor who is Not Gay In Real Life.  Still, the older guy looks and acts pretty gay in this show.  Because he’s an actor, I guess.   Or do all actors cross the lines at will?  Or only the good ones?  I don’t know.  The older guy nailed it.  The really gay in real life lead character didn’t look that gay.  You learn something new every day!


Topic two: It’s a murder mystery.  Based on something that Really Happened.  Centered around (**spoiler**) what turns out to be a fantastically contrived and elaborate form of execution.  I really didn’t buy that part, and I was kind of annoyed by it.  The plot has the British Government doing fantastically elaborate things to scare or kill somebody that would leave a paper trail a mile long and are way more than it would seem necessary to actually scare or kill somebody.  Who would approve the budget for that, when simpler means suffice, for some very low-profile targets?  Oh OK, maybe the Russians, but even what they did was not so elaborate.  Or for a high-profile case maybe.  In this instance, I didn’t buy it, thus interfering with the Willing Suspension of Disbelief which is essential for the enjoyment of pop entertainments such as this one.  And after all that, it ends with Charlotte Rampling simpering off to victory in a classic motorcar with the undaunted hero, after playing the kind of wretch she was born to play for all of the rest of the show.


Topic three.  It’s about neural nets and data science.  What?  (*spoiler*) It’s a lie detector!  We can’t have that, all the world’s governments would kill to supress such an invention!!  Queue moody music and weird plot twists!!!


Oh, come on.  Anyway, I watched it. The main takeaway?  When the special edition 10-tumbler movie version of this amazing Cryptex flash drive comes out, it’s on my Christmas List:


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