Hospitals with pediatric cancer precision sequencing programs

These are programs which sequence a child’s whole genome, then do a personalized GWAS to find the most effective selection of medicine’s for that child’s particular malignant cancer.  My previous post discusses Columbia, but, as with all things, it’s not a new development in isolation.  By the time you’ve heard about one such program, there will be at least a small herd.  So this is what a quick (not comprehensive) search turns up:

OK, OK, far from being as unique as it seemed when I read the Columbia Magazine article last week (my wife is a graduate of the fiction-writing MFA program), it seems you can’t swing a dead cat around any self-respecting cancer ward and not find a budding Precision Medicine unit.

So that’s a good thing, I guess, you don’t really, if you live in this country, have to travel to New York and rent a house in New Jersey for the duration of treatment, you can probably hit up pretty much any nearby large university and find doctors sequencing up a storm.  It’s like 3D printing.  First, there was no such thing.  Now, it’s a thing.  Yay!  Not trying to be cynical, just appreciating the fact that there are smart people everywhere, and once a good idea gets out, you’ll see lots of people following the trend.  Science and medicine are as social as any other discipline, and people tend to go in the direction of the action.


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