Goodbye GJOpen!


We wanted to send a friendly reminder that per our Terms of Service (, section 7), any scraping, mining, collection, aggregation, or display of site data is not allowed without prior permission from Good Judgment Inc.

We know that no one tends to read those terms of service documents, so we’re sending this reminder to politely ask you to stop collecting data from the site and posting it on your blog.

We greatly appreciate your dedication to the site, and we look forward to reading any further analyses from you that don’t involve scraping data from the site.

The GJ Open Team

— Beta Admin Account

12 thoughts on “Goodbye GJOpen!

  1. Lars,
    Well, we all knew this day might come sometime. Hope you leave your previous blogs up. I need to learn how to build my WordPress page up a bit. I have tons of poetry and lyrics and a bit of creative fiction that I could work on.
    Stay in touch!


  2. Paul, look for me on, it’s a new site that pays cash and is looking for participants. I’m not interested in pissing off the GJOpen folks, it’s easier to move on, especially when there’s other action available. I took down most of my GJOpen-related summaries but I left up some old examples and my notes on things-to-do, which I can try later on other platforms if the opportunity arises.


  3. Saw you had changed to “Inactive-102” overnight, and came here to check why. Will miss you, Lars, but hope to stay in touch


  4. Hey Lars,
    I just now realized that you left.. Honestly, I thought you just renamed your account as a joke. I get why the GJ-team would not want their page to be scraped, but the data posted here has been quite entertaining and I’ll def. miss your posts! I might check out almanis, not to be really active there but to get some insight in how their platform differs! 😉


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