Best thing to come out of this season of GJ, from @ravel, must be preserved:

CHIMPS THROW – the atavistic sentient approach to darts for Super Dudes and Dudettes –

C – Complain. Curiosity helps but complainers win arguments.
H – Hang out with other CHIMPS.
I – Imagine being invisible so you can go anywhere and peek at the answer.
M – Make stuff up.
P – Pretend to know what you are talking about.
S – Spend more time chatting than researching or predicting.

T – Talk like a ‘spook’ to impress the tribe.
H – Have obscure links to establish street cred.
R – Reveal discreetly that you have secret back channel connections, true or not.
O – Omit logic, evidence, basic reasoning skills.
W – Whine. This is the most important CHIMP skill and sign of true Super Dudes. Getting a question voided through whining is advanced skill set.

You can test whether you have mastered these CHIMPS THROW techniques by looking at your Challenge board placement. Any category with >600 position is proof you are top limb CHIMPS!


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