Thank you for visiting!


I’m pleased to have many visits from GJOpen forecasters this year.  Here’s the breakdown so far (since start of the GJOpen site in September):

  • Americas
    • North America
      • United States,710
      • Canada,38
    • South America
      • Colombia,12
      • Brazil,3
      • Mexico,1
  • Middle East
    • Pakistan,91.  Hi Khalid!
    • Turkey,1 (my apologies if Turkey is really in Europe; it’s complicated)
    • United Arab Emirates,1
  • Europe
    • Western Europe
      • United Kingdom,18
      • Italy,11
      • Germany,9
      • Norway,6
      • Netherlands,4
      • France,3
      • Belgium,1
    • Eastern Europe
      • Estonia,6
      • Poland,2
      • Bulgaria,2
      • Romania,2
      • Russia,1 (thank you for joining us, Russia!)
  • Africa and Australia (I don’t know if these two go together, but they are far away)
    • South Africa,17
    • Australia,5
  • Asia
    • Singapore,11
    • Philippines,2

I’m kind of getting a Ham Radio rush from this.


I’ll be really happy when the entire map is covered.  Big party when I get my first visit from Iran, second big party for first visit from Israel.   Today was my first visit from Russia, I feel a party about to happen right now!



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