How to gather data from websites

Learn Python [1], and take a look at these references [2][3][4][5], and then do right-click and “View Page Source” whenever you are looking at a page. Take a Scraping Network Data With Python course on Coursera [6].

NOTE: All individual Coursera courses are free.  They charge for Verified Certificates (but many courses give out Certificates of Completion for free; it depends on the greediness and snobbiness of the institution, two separate motivational factors).  They also charge for Specializations (sequences of courses with extra graded work).  Maybe they will eventually stop doing free stuff altogether.  But for right now the meat of the lobster is free and I’ve found the Coursera presentation and student engagement model to be far in advance of any other platform including EdX.[7]  Also, on Coursera, the “live” versions of courses are 10 times better than the “on demand” versions, so always take a “live” version if possible.  I’ve never completed an “on demand” course, they’re just awful.  But I’ve enthusiastically completed 18 live-format courses, mostly with distinction.  (Just don’t ask me about my grades on Functional Analysis and Complex Analysis, which I should eventually really re-take.)



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