The other Baath Party attack

Not your 7th grade Social Studies teacher
People heard that the Baath Party attacked Paris.  How many people know they also did a number on Beirut at about the same time?

I’m not crying double standard, but it’s something to think about.


5 thoughts on “The other Baath Party attack

  1. So, what’s your operational model? I’ve been trying to keep this at the Sunni v Shia level. Are the Ba’athists just another Sunni version of the Muslim Brotherhood?


  2. My model is super-rich in SA projecting force by supporting faith-based anarchy in other countries including Iraq. One set of people they are funding are the Iraqi Army officers that Paul Bremer ejected in 2003. These officers know how to cause mayhem in their region and beyond and they are busy at it. “Muslim Brotherhood” is not relevant. It is an Egyptian and hence somewhat local concept. Each country in the region has at least 5 distinct subculture/tribe/nationalities, because that’s what was there before Getrude Bell imposed some artificial lines in 1920. So let’s distinguish between the rich people projecting force across multiple boundaries and the clubs that form within regions that are strictly local and should not be generalized. Egyptian politics is Egyptian politics and it is mostly local. SA world domination force projection is global because they are trying to be global. Local politics is not a bother. Global force projection, a la Hitler and others, is a bother.


  3. Rich people projecting force in this way looks like a doomed strategy.What makes the former Iraqi military officers dangerous in this region is that they’ve had training and experience. Most of these guys have been thru Desert Storm I & II.

    What’s the Saudi strategy? Cut the rabid dog loose once the bargain is right? ISIS is going to see real opposition now. I can’t see any way the Saudi’s win.


  4. Earthbound Misfit appreciates your views.

    The Saudi’s have been funding madrassas in Pakistan for decades and there is no plan?

    As to the other – we’re quite good at creating our own enemies,

    We were properly indoctrinated in the Domino Theory in grade school. John Wayne made a movie based on this popular song.

    I really didn’t read any Sun Tzu until after the Wall Street fad passed for many reasons. It takes political will to project force over a distance.

    There is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. Sun Tzu


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