AAR Biden

Thumbs, up

My model for this was

  • Bernie is stronger than Hillary according to live Internet polls and could surprise upset to get Dem nom.
  • Hillary has yet to ride out Benghazi, emails and rep as Claire in House of Cards
  • Biden could have drawn away Bernie support and  helped Hillary get Dem nom.
  • Bernie is too pink to win the general election

Based on that I thought DNC would play Biden as a Bernie spoiler and Hillary alternative if she flamed out.

This means we have non-zero chance now of a Bernie-Donald face-off.    Interesting times.

NOTE: 538 has it for Hillary though based on their deep state/endorsement model, with Jeb as th GOP nominee.  Nate Silver has a long explanation of how Trump will go down.   All hail the Cuckold Queen!

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